Contraceptive Utilization and Pregnancy Termination Among Female Sex Workers in Afghanistan

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Afghans are usually turned away at the door. Asked if she practiced safe sex, Ah Hua, the sex worker who has been in Kabul for five months said:

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Ahmadzai M, et al. The claims -- strongly denied by the Taliban -- expose child abuse by both parties in Afghanistan's worsening conflict. The association between high client number and pregnancy termination may stem from lack of contraceptive use because of lower economic means, as higher client number has been associated with lower service fees among FSWs in Indonesia.

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Ahmadzai M, et al. Than, prior unplanned pregnancy and minutes were common, particularly for participants who had snapshot sex cerise their current bed of residence, which may wish inconsistent use of optimistic methods. J Table Physicians Surg Pak. Www kabul sex com

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  1. Lozada R, et al. Afghanistan's president has ordered a "thorough investigation" into institutionalised sexual abuse of children by police, after news agency AFP revealed the Taliban are using child sex slaves to launch deadly insider attacks.

  2. Stanekzai MR, et al. However, in this socially conservative setting with very low contraceptive prevalence, unsafe abortion occurs and potentially contributes to the high maternal mortality and morbidity rates, particularly in cases of pregnancy outside of marriage.

  3. The findings indicate that reproductive health services inclusive of contraceptive provision should be integrated into FSW-oriented programs, with ongoing counseling to ensure choice of methods conforms to changes in need over time. Factors associated with HIV testing, condom use, and sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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