What Amazing Sex Feels Like For Women (In Their Words)

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Why is sex amazing

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Passion, familiarity, love, connectedness, emotional nourishment, intensity, worthiness, and a sense of simultaneously giving and receiving. My entire being would be… alive… I guess is the right word for it. How I feel during sex is just all kinds of contentment.

Why is sex amazing

It unraveled all of my insecurities… it made me more confident in myself… and it stopped time and space. There was no self-consciousness… just pure, in the moment ecstasy.

Why is sex amazing

Why is sex amazing

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Sometimes there is a expansion and fall in energies. Ceremonial is so different. He immediately raised my kids in everything to do with sex. Why is sex amazing

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  1. I could surrender so deeply with him that I would just melt into nothingness. So I guess the short answer is that, yes, I like it when we feel the most connected.

  2. Because I feel like my penetrating sexual energy is being used to open my partner into a kind of sexual union. He lead me where he wanted to go.

  3. I had awareness of every molecule in my body. I feel like our sex life gave me back to myself.

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