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Why do i shake after sex

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Yet oftentimes they are so uncontrollable that they become a frustrating nuisance to her, and there is understandably some curiosity and slight concern as to what the medical basis is. They used to be single twitches, in the legs, spaced as closely as 5 or 10 seconds apart, but strangely enough they seem to have migrated to her torso after having her legs pinned down during one twitching incident.

Why do i shake after sex

They are very different. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! That may have meaning.

Why do i shake after sex

Why do i shake after sex

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  1. From that period on however, throughout the year we've been dating, she has experienced muscle twitches of varying intensity when around me.

  2. You may have lost your appetite or find yourself sleepless, yet feeling totally energized, even hyperactive. That may have meaning.

  3. For me it was very frustrating because I could never climax even though my legs were going crazy. She reports that they happen only when focusing on me, and the only way she can stop them is by shifting her focus.

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