What's My Sexual Orientation?

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What is my sexual orientation

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Cute shoes were not always easy to find, but because I was slim finding cute clothes in the misses department were not haha! I still liked sports, and I played on the freshman basketball and baseball teams, but it was really awkward and I felt really out of place. Baseball season was an even bigger disaster, as a rumor or accusation by another boy involving me made me sick and heartbroken.

What is my sexual orientation

To be honest, I think a lot of my confusion about my sexuality early on was because I never treated gender and sexual orientation separately. I think vag is ugly and gross, and I know I could never tolerate a relationship with a woman. I heard him come into my room and leave, and then he just waited for me in the kitchen.

What is my sexual orientation

What is my sexual orientation

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  1. Any online porn I looked at consisted primarily of gay porn. College also gave me a chance to meet more men, and in the process begin questioning the gender I was born as.

  2. They feel comfortable and secure about being attracted to people of the same gender. I remember my mom understanding why I was hurting, and being so empathetic to the whole situation - perhaps she had already figured out my orientation way before I did lol.

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