How to master the art of being sexy and confident

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The art of being sexy

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And the sexy woman, she has learned to show just the right amount of skin while showing much more intellect. The women in relationships feared that they'd succumbed to a life of "sitting on the couch" in their tracky daks with messy hair and smelly breath.

The art of being sexy

Pay close attention to your emotions throughout the day: Ladies, when you feel most sexy?

The art of being sexy

The art of being sexy

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  1. You don't compete or belittle. In whichever decision you choose beautiful it is important to step out on confidence and own who you are — after all gorgeous, confidence the sexiest trait that a woman can have!

  2. A woman who degrades another woman is merely a little girl in grownup clothes. A woman is not desperate for attention, and especially not the wrong kind.

  3. I've had many men tell me that sexy is jeans and a t-shirt; little make-up, a good sense of humour and not taking yourself too seriously. Even emotions are the result of habit, and the sexy woman has gotten into the habit of mastering her emotions so that they cannot master her.

  4. But emotions can be controlled. It was filtering into the private lives too, and they weren't happy about it.

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