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South african sexy woman

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Women with little negotiating power to insist on use of condoms experience a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections STIs , including HIV [ 19 ]. The DOI number is: However, as Chersich et al point out, the relationship between drinking patterns and unsafe sex varies between drinking contexts, population groups and other interacting factors [ 37 ].

South african sexy woman

No nationally-representative studies have examined the relationship between multiple dimensions of alcohol use and transactional sex in women in South Africa. Transactional sex is generally defined as a sexual relationship which is primarily motivated by financial or material exchange [ 6 , 7 ]. Drinking alcohol is associated with a number of risky sexual behaviours including transactional sex [ 26 , 34 ] and multiple sexual partners [ 25 , 26 , 34 — 36 ].

South african sexy woman

South african sexy woman

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