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Sexy glasses for men

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Contrast your frames with your face shape A man wearing eyeglasses iStock. A Word About Glasses From a style perspective, our main focus will be on the frames: Picking Glasses Based On Your Face Shape Your first major decision when choosing a pair after the lenses were chosen for you by your not-so-perfect vision will be its design and before we can discuss things like how to incorporate them into your style, we need to know what designs will look flattering on your face.

Sexy glasses for men

When it comes to how large your frames should be in relation to your face, Roseillier recommends that your eye rests comfortably in the middle of the lens. Fortunately, this decision is up to you. Try out a slim wire or rim-less pair of glasses to match the somber occasion.

Sexy glasses for men

Sexy glasses for men

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