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Sexy girl eating chocolate

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So, dig into some spicy food when spicing up things between the sheets. Sex on the brain The debate about how to define healthy or "normal" libido has been heating up over the past decade as doctors, neuroscientists, sociologists, pollsters and pharmaceutical companies gather data, study brains and genitals during orgasm and poll citizens about their lives between the sheets.

Sexy girl eating chocolate

Yet, as some researchers have pointed out, the lead author of the study was a consultant for Pfizer , the makers of Viagra. While that's a bit of an exaggeration some researchers claim that chocolate helps the body generate phenylethylamine which is the chemical the body releases when you are in love!!

Sexy girl eating chocolate

Sexy girl eating chocolate

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  1. The current DSM DSM-IV is an ever-expanding doorstopper of a clinical book used to diagnose and codify psychiatric "disorders" ranging from childhood "oppositional defiant disorder" to "anxiety disorder not otherwise specified. My hand tastes way better than this chocolate.

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