Sexting in Texas: Penalties and Defenses

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Sexting laws in texas

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However, minors have a defense to prosecution when the images are solely of the sender or recipient, were sent within a dating relationship, and both parties are not more than two years apart in age including if one party is 18 or older. Visual material that shows a child younger than 18 at the time the image was taken Minors engaging in forced or consensual sexual conduct An individual can also be found guilty of violating this statute if they know the material depicts a child. The visual showed only the defendant The minor depicted in the image was no more than two years older or younger than the defendant, and they were in a dating relationship at the time of the offense They were married at the time of the offense The defendant did not produce the illicit material They destroyed the material within a reasonable amount of time after While these defenses are not absolute, they may at least reduce the sentence you face if convicted.

Sexting laws in texas

Although federal guidelines recommend that minors face prosecution in state rather than federal courts, minors who are repeatedly convicted of sending sexually explicit photos may face serious charges. To learn more about sexting in general, see Teen Sexting.

Sexting laws in texas

Sexting laws in texas

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