The Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust

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Sex with a 40 year old woman

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We had many arguments about this girl, as she seemed to be completely obsessed with him. And, indeed, they found that women who had passed their peak fertility years but not quite reached menopause were the most sexually active. Some doctors recommended that women gave up sex completely when they hit 40, and believed that love should be banished for ever from their hearts once they were approaching menopause.

Sex with a 40 year old woman

I was a goth back in college. One of the funnest things about dating younger is staying up to speed with youth culture.

Sex with a 40 year old woman

Sex with a 40 year old woman

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  1. The knock-on effect of this would be an increase in testosterone - which could lead to increased desire. Have you ever seen the movie Say Anything?

  2. Strategies of Human Mating, now in its fourth edition, and has become associated with evolutionary explanations for sexual behavior. The sex you're having depends, of course, on whether you're single or married.

  3. A new journal article suggests that evolutionary forces also push women to be more sexual, although in unexpected ways. Hot Flushes, Cold Science:

  4. Research by groups such as The Pennell Initiative for Women's Health, a charity campaigning for the needs of women over the age of 45, which has commissioned research into sexuality and the menopause, is trying to rectify the mistakes. The President of France is married to a woman 24 years his elder, for goddsake.

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