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Sex and the city bouquet toss

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This while she's standing next to her Love Interest , Joel. However, in fiction, one of the following will usually occur: Janet will "answer" the audience's question by shouting "I got it!

Sex and the city bouquet toss

Often, having a man catch it is expected to be an adequate joke in and of itself. Bonus points if said party catches the garter. I want to catch the bouquet at the end.

Sex and the city bouquet toss

Sex and the city bouquet toss

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  1. An episode of 2 Broke Girls has Max and Caroline cater at a wedding. Stand-Up Comedy Jeff Foxworthy expounds on the difference between this and the garter toss.

  2. Being about a wedding, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past ends with the bride tossing the bouquet. Even without the teasing, whoever catches the bouquet begins to realize that she isn't getting any younger , and that if she wants to get married and have biological children, she only has a limited window of time in which to do so and needs to find a husband soon.

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