8 Things A Capricorn Man Wants In Bed

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Sex and the capricorn man

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This is the reason why he likes to control every little thing, thinking he can avoid his own irresponsible actions. When he wants to spend every minute with you and let his work slide a bit this means he is really falling for you! It will either be a determined move towards happily-ever-after, or a decisive move away to better pastures.

Sex and the capricorn man

The benefits of success are fame, prestige, money; the name of the game is perseverance. Not afraid to be bossed around, the Capricorn man actually finds this a real turn on! He wants to get to the top to reap the rewards.

Sex and the capricorn man

Sex and the capricorn man

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  1. Very supportive of the people in his life he will make sure you can be a shoulder to lean on when you need it! With a strong emphasis placed on pleasing others this sign will pay attention to your every need.

  2. Not prone to outbursts of emotion, a stone-faced Capricorn man would make a good professional poker player!

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