Teen Dating Violence Among LGBTQ Youth

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Same sex dating violence

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A further cause could be that the sample comprised highly educated white people Carvalho et al. Some interventions were addressed to a specific ethnic group, such as Asians Chung and Lee, ; Lee and Utarti, ; Cheung et al.

Same sex dating violence

The psycho-educational intervention could list and define abusive behaviors and perpetrator tactics, examining the psychological consequences of violence, describing the cycle of violence, and going beyond common prejudices regarding LGB IPV. This idea of a "lesbian utopia" makes it more difficult for lesbians to report domestic violence, because often people don't believe it can be true. Because of the lack of program specialized in addressing SSIPV it would be important that the emerging IPV programs should provide outreach and educational services by cooperating with the community and offering several services, beginning from direct and physical resources such as shelters, food and clothing, transportation, financial and legal assistance, h hotlines and individual and group therapy.

Same sex dating violence

Same sex dating violence

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