Heterosexual Anal Sex Experiences Among Puerto Rican and Black Young Adults

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Puerto rican women sex

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Study Variables Demographic characteristics included gender male, female , age in years 21—34, 35—49, 50—64 , marital status, educational attainment in years, employment status, and annual family income below poverty level: In both genders, the prevalence of oral and anal sex was also lower in the older age cohorts. This information is essential to further characterize sexual practices in this population, the size and characteristics of populations at elevated risk for STIs and other sexuality-related problems, and the recognized need to develop and implement targeted interventions for these populations [ 16 , 17 ].

Puerto rican women sex

Fish Out of Agua: Even though sexual behaviors are a fundamental part of human relationships, closely related to physical and mental health [ 1 ], high-risk sexual practices can increase the risk of unintended pregnancies, promote violent behavior, and increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs [ 1 , 3 — 5 ]. Private face-to-face interviews collected standard sociodemographic characteristics plus extensive information on medical history and other health-related habits.

Puerto rican women sex

Puerto rican women sex

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  1. Do you want to read the rest of this article? Statistical Analysis The overall and age- and gender-specific prevalence of sexual behaviors and characteristics were described.

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