6 Things Older Men Do Better In Bed

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Older men for sex

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The main attraction may change. A therapist may be able to help you and your partner with specific concerns.

Older men for sex

For example, you may need to adjust your sexual routine to include more stimulation to become aroused. Sure, quickies are fun, but older men are willing to draw out your pleasure. Like I said, foreplay may start hours before you have sex.

Older men for sex

Older men for sex

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  1. Like I said, foreplay may start hours before you have sex. Stay positive and focus on ways of being sexual and intimate that work for you and your partner.

  2. On the other hand, a lusty few take pride in having sex twice a day, or occasionally more. Try a new sexual position or explore other ways of connecting romantically and sexually.

  3. An increasing number have poor health, which often diminishes their sexual performance. The goal isn't to get one orgasm out of you and then have sex.

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