Sexual Rejection From Your Partner Damages Your Self-Esteem

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My boyfriend rejects me sexually

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How could I not feel that way? No posting personal pictures. Be open to making changes yourself if your partner asks for them and they are reasonable.

My boyfriend rejects me sexually

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My boyfriend rejects me sexually

My boyfriend rejects me sexually

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5 thoughts on “My boyfriend rejects me sexually

  1. Even when the subject is broached directly, the reluctant partner will typically make excuses or engage in feeble efforts that might not last. But at the same time, it does sound like this guy might be a control freak no pun intended.

  2. After a while, most people stop bringing it up altogether. Maybe he is who he is now, and he will never be who I started dating again.

  3. Clearly stating you need the situation to change, that it cannot go on, gives your partner as well as yourself, the message that you deserve better and are worthy of more. He doesn't get sexually turned on by me, porn, or any women at all.

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