Libra and Capricorn – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

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Libra and capricorn sexually

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Capricorn will show or help Libra to finish tasks or projects, which will make Libra more complete as a person. To attract Capricorn, show your trust and admiration for what they stand for.

Libra and capricorn sexually

The two of you together make a fabulous match. They are prone to affairs if emotional satisfaction dims. Venus-ruled Libra loves the sensations of physical touch.

Libra and capricorn sexually

Libra and capricorn sexually

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  1. The clandestine nature of this attraction does make it all that more delicious — lunchtime rendezvous and midnight hookups have everyone wondering what they are hiding — an incurable disease or maybe a bad case of romance? Libra and Capricorn Sex The closer you get, the better it feels.

  2. Capricorn should control the accounts and credit cards. That extra spark created by a sense of the forbidden disappears and so does the relationship.

  3. Together the mediator and the mountain goat are excellent social networkers and brilliant negotiators — they also look like a power couple, being fabulously fashion forward.

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