Leigh-on-Sea on Essex coast is happiest place to live in the UK

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Leigh on sea essex england

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In Old Leigh you have a mix of old-world pubs and popular seafood huts, selling local delicacies of cockles and whelks. The old town is sweet as a cockle, but marred by the train line. The house and a trackway leading from it to a church on a nearby clifftop pre-dated the centre of modern-day Leigh-on-Sea and its primary commercial thoroughfare Broadway formally known as Hall Road.

Leigh on sea essex england

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Leigh on sea essex england

Leigh on sea essex england

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  1. And while the estuary doesn't exactly provide scenic views, it is still pleasant to sip a pint or enjoy a Rossi's ice cream while overlooking the water.

  2. Leigh has an authentic Ealing Comedy feel, all stripy awnings and butchers that look like Terry-Thomas. Leigh was almost the Next Big Thing.

  3. The fabric of the church is of Kentish ragstone and flint rubble, with a Tudor porch constructed of red brick. Leigh was almost the Next Big Thing.

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