Why Husbands Lose Interest in Sex

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Husband has no interest in sex

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Can sex be sublimated? I've tried telling my husband that twice a month is not how it works to conceive, but there it is.

Husband has no interest in sex

Suzan and Chris Cummings have been married for six years. Big questions, you're asking. Suzan said this is what happens night after night.

Husband has no interest in sex

Husband has no interest in sex

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  1. Suzan said she'd be happy just to have simple affection, and Chris said he was surprised and relieved to hear that would be enough. And this isn't just about performance or sexual penetration.

  2. Wolfe ultimately left her husband because he lost sexual interest in her. Maybe you were unaware of the depth of your own sexual desires.

  3. After dinner Chris went downstairs to play video games, while Suzan sat by herself at the computer, surfing the Web.

  4. Lori thinks there'd be less tension in their marriage if there were more sexual intimacy in it. Nor would I want to disgrace either him or myself by doing so.

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