9 Reasons You Need to Get A Sex Pillow Right Now

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How to use pillow for sex

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Keep the ramp in the same position as above, but lay on it facing up. Straddle a position pillow to grind against it or an inserted sex toy.

How to use pillow for sex

The extra boost and elevation from the pillow will take off some of the pressure from trying to get your body in the right arrangement for whatever sex postion you're trying to achieve. So, if all else fails, wait until then to buy a pillow so you can get what you want without breaking the bank. Liberator Humphrey Sex pillow toy mount for hands-free penetrative play Pre-made toy holder is suitable for dildos, vibrators and wands with or without a flared base Twin-pocket in pillow case is suitable for a clitoral stimulator Moisture-resistant liner protects inner cushion Read Review Having sex is already a lot of fun but imagine doing it with a little support behind your back.

How to use pillow for sex

How to use pillow for sex

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  1. Sometimes their reach is not at its full potential, but you can unlock that potential by using a sex pillow. Slipping is a real possibility, and that can cause injury and embarrassment.

  2. You can also put it under your partner's neck in a 69 position so that they can reach your genitals better and they won't have to put that pressure on their necks to reach it.

  3. Wedge Sex Pillows The following is just a short list of position inspiration for smaller, sex wedge pillows. They offer options from single pillows to gigantic beds and everything in between.

  4. Here are some benfits to using a sex pillow and why you need one in your collection now. Her partner can also lean over her body from her shoulder to perform oral.

  5. Unfortunately, there are so many sex pillows, wedges, ramps, and mounts out there that it can be a headache finding what works best for you and your lover. But a little creativity goes a long way.

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