How To Be More Dominant In The Bedroom! [Kinky]

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How to sexually dominate your husband

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So you have to remember to have a hard and soft limit for when you get down to it. Lay him down on the bed, get on top of him and start with little things like nibbling his ears or kissing his neck.

How to sexually dominate your husband

Now that you know what kind of foreplay both of you like. Sadism is the sexual arousal and gratification that comes with inflicting pain or distress upon someone. So it could come from hitting or flogging your man, but it can also come from something like putting your man in a situation where is humiliated or upset.

How to sexually dominate your husband

How to sexually dominate your husband

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  1. For more information on it, check out this Wikipedia article on discipline. You can do it physically by hitting or striking him whether with your hands, a whip, cane, paddle or whatever takes your fancy.

  2. When learning how to be dominant, the best way to ramp things up is with what you say. Many people believe that being dominant or submissive or switch is some thing that is ingrained from birth.

  3. Does he like making out for longer or does he want to try something kinkier? So when he breaks rules that you create you will need to discipline him.

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