How to Make First Time Sex Good (Even on Your Wedding Night)

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How to make sex in first night

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Jul 28, , The best way is that husband take charge of things and initiate the first night sex without making her feel hurried. There was something really special about having just experienced such a momentous public life event surrounded by our friends and family, and then undertaking a similarly momentous but very intimate life event between just the two of us.

How to make sex in first night

And a treasured honeymoon memory will always be the morning we spent trying to figure out how to have sex in our tiny, tiny hotel shower. You may even have to change your position a bit to make it easier for him to enter at a proper angle.

How to make sex in first night

How to make sex in first night

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  1. What most people call foreplay, these activities deserve to be the main event for a while. Of course, that is if they hadn't done so before the wedding day itself!

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