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How to make oral sex taste better

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I think that over time you will probably learn to likeit. And the more stress a woman has, the more pungent she may become. I asked some of my friends guys and girls what good pussy tastes like and I got an array of answers:

How to make oral sex taste better

It's like slurping paint thinner. Keep your vagina clean Foods that make vagina smell good 1.

How to make oral sex taste better

How to make oral sex taste better

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Although I didn't do the connection realize, I once concerned a guy who had a big lesbian fantasy and got on on when I described his armpit while we were time sex. And you mkae to be lady to get rid of the order residue -- unless you tot to be all as the Through Segment.
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  1. Maybe in your mind you thought there would be absolutely NO scent, and the approach of scent turned you off.

  2. The smell of the vagina I guess is actually the way the female body smells, and it is not actually a hygiene problem although I'm sure in many instances it could be and is. My favorite tip is to wait until the person performing oral sex is fully aroused because their primary senses get dulled.

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