How long should I make him wait?…is that even relevent anymore?

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How to make him wait for sex

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The thing is, YOU are the one who should discern what a man is looking for. Sex is a very intimate act…will you be attached afterward to a man who may not want more? And when I gave in, he blamed me for sleeping with him too fast.

How to make him wait for sex

How long should I make him wait? Let him know that you are looking for a stable relationship The problem with many relationships is that they are just too hollow because they lack emotional depth. Sex is great, but I like to wait because I also like hand jobs and phone sex and kissing and groping.

How to make him wait for sex

How to make him wait for sex

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  1. One is a car…an inanimate object…one is a human…with feelings, as you have feelings as well. Sex becomes a natural outcome of the emotional bonding.

  2. And many, even most of them, are more than prepared to date a women for months in order to get to sex and then leave. A few more planned and enjoyable dates and some consistent communication in between at least imo.

  3. If you are wanting to have a relationship with someone and you have sex too soon or you have sex as a way to persuade him or guilt him into committing to you, you will be sorely disappointed.

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