Sexual Orientation

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How to change sexual orientation

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After , information became more available, and views began to change. Do conversion therapy techniques work to change unwanted sexual arousal? A review of the literature and the debate over treatment, discussion of sexual orientation, and religious issues.

How to change sexual orientation

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How to change sexual orientation

How to change sexual orientation

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  1. Neither biological, psychoanalytic, nor learning and social-learning theories are found to provide convincing evidence for the etiology of homosexuality.

  2. This suggests that for sex offenders most attention should be paid to increasing non-deviant arousal and interests. It can take time for gay teens to process how they feel and to accept this aspect of their own identity before they reveal their sexual orientation to others.

  3. Based on the available data, additional claims about the meaning of those outcomes are scientifically unsupported.

  4. Indeed, many lesbians and gay men report living as a heterosexual before recognizing or developing their homosexual orientation.

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