10 Surprising Reasons You're Having Less Sex

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How long before sex in a relationship

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We developed the urge to bond, which is where the desire to cuddle and hold each other comes from. Which in turn brings positive thinking and actions to our personal lives.

How long before sex in a relationship

Sexual satisfaction is closely correlated with overall quality of life. Not to mention, the less estrogen, the less lubricated vaginal tissues become, and that can make penetration painful. Short of giving up cycling, try switching to a no-nose saddle that shifts your weight away from key arteries and nerves to the bones that you sit on.

How long before sex in a relationship

How long before sex in a relationship

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  1. Sex is good for the individual's emotional health, but also for the overall health of the relationship. If hormone changes are lowering your libido, talk to your doctor.

  2. Otherwise, it can often feel like you are in a roommate—type partnership instead of a marriage. Studies show that sexual activity burns calories and fat, but can also cause people to live more healthy lifestyles in general.

  3. Sex helps us sleep more comfortably, and through better sleep, sex creates a stronger immune system.

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