How To Prepare For Anal

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How does a woman prepare for anal sex

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Most people can enjoy anal play for years without ever having a major gross-out. Keep a towel handy, as accidents may happen. One tip is to alternate vibrator use with masturbating using your own fingers.

How does a woman prepare for anal sex

This page covers anal sex preparation techniques that will help you feel more comfortable and confident while enjoying anal penetration and anal sex. I know this because every time I meet one, we have tons to talk about, and that includes questions and challenges of their own. The anus and the genitals are two distinct ecosystems and you do not want to spread bacteria from the anus to the genitals.

How does a woman prepare for anal sex

How does a woman prepare for anal sex

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  1. Poop passes through the rectum only when you are actively having a bowel movement. You can use nitrile or latex gloves for quick and easy clean-up, so your hands can keep moving without a break to wash your hands.

  2. Make sure you release all water — linger for a few minutes and completely relax to make sure everything is out of your system.

  3. External and internal anal massage can be highly arousing, without a moment of discomfort.

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