Things Women Secretly Want In Bed

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How do women prefer sex

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Stereotypically, men are seen as eager to acquire more notches on their proverbial bed posts, while women are perceived to be looking for true love over physical pleasure. People with dissimilar major histocompatibility complex MHC — which is a group of genes — are more likely to have a healthy child without any birth defects. That's not to say necessarily that there's a world of sex moves, positions or fantasies that your partner has that she isn't telling you.

How do women prefer sex

But most women would agree that the the timing for having that kind of conversation with their guy never seems to feel right. It's just that there are certain things many women really want in bed that aren't common knowledge and, for most guys, unless you ask her outright, these things usually won't come up.

How do women prefer sex

How do women prefer sex

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