How to tell what sex a kitten is

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How do u sex a kitten

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Older kittens may do better standing on a firm surface and having their tails gently elevated to expose their perineal area. The best way to determine the sex of male and female kittens is to rest the kittens ontheir bellies on a warm not hot towel, gently lift their tails and examine their genitals.

How do u sex a kitten

This is true for both males and females, and tells you zip about which yours is, but it's a good point of reference! To go from this kitten sexing page to our sexing animals page, click here.

How do u sex a kitten

How do u sex a kitten

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  1. All rights reserved, protected under Australian copyright. This can potentially lead to the mother cat rejecting her kittens.

  2. Kittens or cats with retained or undescended testicles cryptorchid cats will not develop an obviously enlarged or pendulous scrotum.

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