Little girls deserve better than to be told to make themselves sexy

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Hot sexy little girls

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And it doesn't end there. Everywhere they turn they are bombarded with the idea that their looks are everything, that their place is in the home, that pleasing the male gaze is paramount and that they are riddled with imperfections that need to be "fixed". Sadly, these themes are by no means isolated to a single website — they are everywhere, from the website for tween sensation Monster High to Nickelodeon's own site.

Hot sexy little girls

As if the constant bombardment of hyper-sexualised, airbrushed media images of women wasn't enough to get the message across. Perhaps not the best advice for future boardroom battles or climbing the steely managerial ladder, but of course, those aren't the sort of roles one would expect a princess to aspire to.

Hot sexy little girls

Hot sexy little girls

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