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Grown and sexy attire

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I felt like I had just walked onto a Lil Wayne video set. Are my goodies on display so men can do a little window-shopping? Is my size frame looking stuffed in a size 6?

Grown and sexy attire

Sexy is swagger plain and simple. Well, some of the heffas had the audacity to be wearing what looked like a pair of panties with fishnets, stilettos and a cami.

Grown and sexy attire

Grown and sexy attire

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  1. My question is what kind of friends do you have if they let you go out the house looking like you just got off the stripper pole?

  2. If yes, cover that ish. Then take it a step further and proceed to bend over and dance ass up for the crowd?

  3. Is your goal to find a mofo to climb up behind you and do his business like Mister did to Celie on The Color Purple? If yes, cover that ish.

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