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Good first time sex

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The best thing to do is communicate. And as her partner, that is your job as well. Also consider waiting on the positions that allow the deepest penetration like legs-over-the-shoulders missionary.

Good first time sex

Being nervous will tense her up, trap her in her own head, and make it that much harder for her to concentrate on the positive physical sensations. While feeling emotionally ready is essential, being prepared with protection will do wonders to put your mind at ease and increase enjoyment. Spooning Carlee Ranger We love spooning because it lends to intimacy and a deeper connection.

Good first time sex

Good first time sex

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  1. Both of you are nervous and eager for it to go well but a female's nerves are more easily hidden.

  2. Vaginal sex refers to sex where the penis goes into the vagina, and anal sex refers to when the penis enters the anus. Good Vibrations staff sexologist.

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