The Art Of Rough Sex

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Girls love rough sex

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The tone of rough sex is different than the sweet, sultry allure of a typical night. Use your safe word. What Not To Do Lastly, there are few things you should avoid to make this a success.

Girls love rough sex

Without a safe word, rough sex could be rape. Invest in your sex with a quality silicone-based lube like this Swiss Navy one that comes in a leak-proof bottle. Let her know it turned you on and see how she reacts.

Girls love rough sex

Girls love rough sex

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  1. In spite of your good intentions, the rough sex can trigger flashbacks and bad memories. Why Women Like Rough Sex There is a widespread perception that women are delicate flowers and the fairer sex, so the idea that they would tolerate or inflict — let alone want to initiate or even ask for — rough sex seems far gone.

  2. She has to be one or the other — and the man has to choose which she is so that he can know whether to treat her as one or the other, as good or bad. Together, you walk back to her place, touching fingertips, clasping and unclasping hands, flirting in whispers, and as you approach your building, the flirting gets heavy and a little dirty.

  3. Anyone with a streak of dominance in their personality can really let go and let it roll here.

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