6 Ways to Prep for Sex

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Getting ready for sex

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Dress Accordingly- If you are going to have sex, you need to dress accordingly. In general, guys like sex hair.

Getting ready for sex

Vaginal dilators can restore elasticity. These items would spice up any night.

Getting ready for sex

Getting ready for sex

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  1. Depending on the location of your date, you want to dress for comfort and ease. Ladies, if you could barely put the outfit on how do you expect your lover to take it off?

  2. Also, try putting on an extra amount of deodorant to prevent you from smelling, shaving your legs, and moisturize. Then flip your hair over, use your fingers to comb through it and spray with a light coating of hairspray infused with bamboo.

  3. Be Natural- When you are having sex, men do not want to see their woman with pounds of makeup on. Ladies, if you could barely put the outfit on how do you expect your lover to take it off?

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