ATTN FEMALES: Have you ever been slapped during SEX?

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Face slapping during sex

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Keep in mind that, for many women, the breast are especially sensitive, especially during certain times of the month. If you paid attention to the rules above, it needs to be closed. Under what conditions, and when during the sex?

Face slapping during sex

Does he need to tell you before he does it, or just surprise you with it? But I found out when a powerful erotic feeling flooded my whole body when he slapped my face, it was electrifying.

Face slapping during sex

Face slapping during sex

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  1. One of the keys to the psychological impact of slapping is that it is used to surprise or refocus your partner, not beat them into submission.

  2. For others, the sting and the afterglow of the slap help boost their sensory experience. We were screwing, face to face at that point, and he asked me if he could slap my face.

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