Here's What It's Really Like to Date After Surviving a Sexual Assault

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Dating a person who was sexually abused

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Like Lucy, she broke up with her then-partner within months of the attack, leaving her desperate to be close to someone new when she was still recovering from the attack. During intimacy, sexually assaulted survivors may withdraw or express feeling numb or not into it.

Dating a person who was sexually abused

Late one night, the two of them were hanging out when Lucy suggested Robbie sleep on her couch, as he had done on countless evenings they spent talking until it got too late to walk home. Mostly, that meant waiting. The two of them never slept in the same bed, and she thought it was clear the friendship was platonic.

Dating a person who was sexually abused

Dating a person who was sexually abused

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  1. The same feelings can also arise for survivors of rape by people they don't know, like Horton and Anderson. She doesn't know if she'll ever be able to sleep on the outside of the bed or with her bedroom door open.

  2. Inevitably, sexual assault complicates most everything for at least a time — including survivors' sex lives.

  3. Periods of promiscuity are normal. It's been baby steps over the last four years," he said.

  4. This is one of the reasons dating or making new friends after an assault becomes so difficult. Survivors need to be in control of their own body and space.

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