Hot Girls Of The Burning Man Festival (26 pics)

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Burning man sexiest pictures

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The goal, I decided, was simply to capture something of the beauty, the creativity, the exuberance and what I took to be the deeper personal significance of Burning Man. It was a beautiful week. This time out I photographed on assignment for Rolling Stone.

Burning man sexiest pictures

But the highlight for me was being hoisted up in a foot boom lift on the night of the burn and looking down on a sea of 50, people as the man exploded in flames. Thank you for visiting.

Burning man sexiest pictures

Burning man sexiest pictures

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  1. It was also the year I hit on a workable two-camera strategy for photographing the event, one that was flexible, relatively light, and spared me from having to make constant lens changes in a dusty and harsh environment. These are images that have appeared in books, magazines and newspapers, or on television, or been widely exhibited, or just happen to be personal favorites of mine for one reason or another.

  2. They focus on the art, the people, the performances and the fascinating culture of Burning Man.

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