6 Reasons Masturbating Should Be Part of Your Self-Care Routine

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Benefits of solo sex

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Masturbation also counts as a workout for your pelvic floor PC muscles, which pays off in between the sheets: You may want to consider devoting more time:

Benefits of solo sex

In fact, research published in the Journal of Sex Research finds that most women report masturbating at least once a week. In the early stages of arousal, norepinephrine a neurotransmitter that's secreted in response to stress is released in your brain, lubricating the pathways of your sympathetic nervous system, says Erin Basler-Francis, content and brand manager at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, a non-profit sexuality education and advocacy organization in Rhode Island.

Benefits of solo sex

Benefits of solo sex

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  1. Masturbating too much may interrupt your work or studies, which can lower productivity. Talk therapy can help you manage your addiction.

  2. When these three neurotransmitters work together, they act as the perfect chemical cocktail to ease period pain. Not quite hitting that quota yet?

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