'I Was Married To A Sex Addict'

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Being married to a sex addict

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You cannot serve from an empty vessel. A therapist, close friend, support group, or spiritual leader are just a few of the great resources you can turn to as you begin the healing process.

Being married to a sex addict

Everyone who know him, friends and family, had the same reaction as I - complete and total confusion. I am experiencing a sort of schizophrenic- type split between the part of me that can look upon this partner as a beloved friend with a problem, and the injured devastated spouse who is tortured by feelings of betrayal, the complete annihilation of their self esteem and sense of value, and every childhood fear of being rejected, abandoned, and deemed worthless by the people you love most stirred up.

Being married to a sex addict

Being married to a sex addict

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  1. He turned to porn. He says he is abstaining, and I have seen no evidence that that is false, but he is a master of the hiding game.

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