Marginalizing the moral argument against same-sex “marriage”

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Arguments against homosexual marriage

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In the current research program, we investigated whether religious opposition to same-sex marriage has ideological roots in the desire to maintain the societal status quo. In Studies 1 and 2, we discovered that the relationship between religiosity and opposition to same-sex marriage was mediated by explicit sexual prejudice.

Arguments against homosexual marriage

In five studies conducted in Canada and the United States, we investigated the hypotheses that religiosity would be related to opposition to same-sex marriage through sexual prejudice Hypothesis 1 , and that these effects would be explained, at least in part, by endorsement of conservative ideology Hypothesis 2 , with resistance to change being a more important factor than opposition to equality Hypothesis 3. As federal legalization of same-sex marriage became increasingly probable in the United States, the debate on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT rights shifted from a focus on discrimination by the government to discrimination by the private sector Johnson, , with religious arguments dominating the rhetoric of those opposing same-sex marriage. That report included these sentences:

Arguments against homosexual marriage

Arguments against homosexual marriage

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